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Genesis Records and New Perspectives on Production

Tucked away in an unassuming corner of Makati, hidden from the hustle of Poblacion, lies Genesis Records. They are a diamond in the rough. Like any other recording studio, they focus on generating good music, hence the name. The strategy however, is what makes them interesting. They’re less about the flashy gear to spoil their musicians, and more about crafting a creative space where the artists can indulge their creativity. It’s a new way of thinking wherein providing for the soul is what makes the magic happen, and what keeps the artists coming back.

Sound quality is quality controlled.

Of course, that doesn’t mean they’re shy about their equipment either. Genesis Records has spared no expense perfecting the soundproofing, both their spacious live-room, as well as the production helm. They also boast high-end equipment, from the drumkit, amplifiers, and microphones, to their upright piano that adds class.

On the flipside, the production helm leaves nothing to be desired. The checklist is complete with precision monitors, studio controls, and the forefront sound engineering software available. Everything you need to curate exactly what you are looking for is right there, with their production head on-site to help get you the sound you’re looking for. And yet, despite all these hallmarks of a thorough studio, all this comes secondary for Genesis Records.

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What’s good for your soul?

Now, despite being young bloods on the scene for a few months, Genesis Records knows their clientele. What’s more: they know how to work their brand for them. With an opulent, royal blue, trim, secluded in a seemingly abandoned floor above a bar⁠— their clandestine guise fronts a sharp decadence and exclusivity. These are appealing traits to artists looking to “discover” a recording studio that feels as much like a speakeasy. And the similarities don’t end there.

Like a modern speakeasy, the allure is part discovery, and part secrecy. It also has to do with the reserved and private atmosphere that fosters a more refined exchange between guests. Genesis Records offers the same in the context of music production. They take the pressure away from the creation process, and give the artists a space for their minds to breathe. This is why the equipment is good, and the interior so flush. You simply don’t have to worry because you’re in good hands. But more importantly, this is why they take less clients.

Choosing quality over quantity means that they don’t rush the work they’re on. There aren’t any schedules to chase when you are the entire schedule. This is why they offer song and album packages. They allow you to work on the finer details without the pressure of the clock. This is why the studio has all the comforts and charm of a lounge. The clean aesthetics keep your mind clear of clutter, and help stir a creative mindset. This is why so much emphasis is beyond the actual recording. They don’t just want you to show up with your song ready to record. They want you to lose yourself in the process, to find the music in the end.

It’s called Genesis for a reason.

Creative space. You can call them Genesis Records, because that’s really what they’re selling. They want to be where you have your stroke of genius. They want to give you the genesis of your music. It’s inspiration for rent. You walk in and lay down your tracks without any worry. Take a breather if you have to, or take a walk to work those thoughts. Get some air, or grab a drink, because that’s the freedom they provide. They understand that putting together a piece of art isn’t just about rushing Point A to Point B. All the little points in between take time and careful thought. When it comes to perfecting your art, peace of mind is their business.

Book a session for your next solo single, or your band’s upcoming EP. Walk inside, take in the atmosphere that’s sculpted to spur creativity. Feel confident that this is where your masterpiece unfolds. So look around for their little hideaway, look for the secret door. Finding it is half the experience. Just look for the Mulligan’s.