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Truffle Loco

TRUFFLE LOCO by Redhiker

“Go Crazy with Chocolate Truffles”


Recently I was able to try TRUFFLE LOCO by Redhiker which gives truffles a complimentary twist with some special ingredients that Redhiker presents. The taste is quite remarkable its just enough to make you want for more.


Flavors available are;

  1. Almonds and Avocado
  2. Nutty Tiramisu
  3. Roasted Coconut & Walnut
  4. Fruits and Nuts
  5. Baileys and Hazelnut
  6. Sweetened Dried Tomatoes & Cherries

My personal favorites are Roasted Coconut & Walnut and the Bailey’s and Hazelnut.

If you wanna make an order:


SMART: 09194881130

GLOBE: 09179893818